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Golf Tips

1. Golf Grip Pressure  

Learning the amount of golf grip pressure needed to swing the golf club smoothly and efficiently as possible while still maintaining control is one of the key factors in learning to play golf well. Try the following golfing drill to assist in this area. Rate your golf grip pressure on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being super-light and 10 being super-tight. Start with a 1 and grip the club progressively tighter as you work your way up to a 10. Identify the change in golf grip pressure and apply a number to it. Then, hit some shots using the same system. You will soon discover the amount of grip pressure which produces your best swing. It will probably be in the 4 to 5 range. Once you have determined the correct grip pressure, constantly identify its feel so you will eventually use it automatically on the course. In addition, remember to maintain a constant golf grip pressure from the start to the end of your swing.      Golf Club Grips for Sale    'Golf Grip Pressure' Questions?


2. Golf Courses of the World  

Here is a geographically organized listing of golf courses around the world. The web site includes the golf course name, location, telephone number, number of holes, yardage, par, slope, and comments about the course.   Golf Courses     Golf Club Grips 


3. Golf Health - An Overview  

Playing golf is a physical athletic skill requiring strength, golf flexibility, neuromuscular coordination and, to a certain degree, cardiovascular and muscular endurance.   'Golf Health - An Overview' Questions?


4. Golf Ball Identification Methods  

For a good golf ball identification method, prepare golf balls for marking them with your identification mark by taking a SMALL MUFFIN PAN FOR 12 or an OLD EGG CARTON and place 12 balls in each one. Then mark each ball with a dot of red fingernail polish or any other identification mark of your choice. Leave them in position until they are dry and ready to use. This method is much easier than trying to mark each one individually. You can also use a permanent marker to put your initials for better golf ball identification.  Buy Golf Balls Online     Golf Ball Identification Methods' Questions?


5. Course Manage Your Troubles Away  

Even the best golfers learn to find and remember the trouble areas. It gives them an advantage. It may be avoiding a low hanging limb on a second shot or a slanting section of fairway. It is called golf course management and it will cut strokes off your game. A good golfer is a smart golfer.  Manage Your Golf Game Better Today    'Course Manage Your Troubles Away' Questions?


6. Golf Shoe Care - Keeping Golf Shoes in Shape  

Golf shoes can crush and shrink from the elements, storage and transport. The best golf shoe care method for keeping golf shoes in shape is to insert a shoe tree (an expandable split wood device) that holds a shoe's shape, minimizes shrinkage, and eliminates moisture.  Shop for Name Brand Golf Shoes    Golf Shoe Care


7. Be Flat At Impact - A Golfing Drill  

One of the sneakiest slice causing culprits is the karate-chop hand or the home run swing. This is hard to spot unless you know what to look for. Try this golfing drill: Take a golf stance near a chair's padded back rest and let your hands form your grip against the back rest. At address, the subdominant hand's back hand is flat on the backrest. Make a back and forward swing at the chair, a square impact has the back hand hitting flat against the back rest. If the pinky-side-palm-pad hits first (like a karate chop) you are opening up at impact. Practice this golfing drill until you can hit flat every time and you will be square at impact.  Brand Name Golf Equipment     'Be Flat At Impact - A Golfing Drill' Questions?


8. Basic Rules of Golf - Yelling "FORE"  

If ever your ball is heading towards another person, it is your duty to warn them by yelling "FORE". Yell loud and early enough to give that person a chance to cover their head. A golf ball can and has killed people so yell it out!  Sales on Golf Apparel for Women and Men     'Basic Rules of Golf - Yelling "FORE"' Questions?


9. Golf Stretches and Exercises  

To avoid injury, take a few minutes to do a few simple warm up golf exercises and basic golf stretches before you start. You have probably been sitting in a car for 20 minutes or more, so get out and walk around a bit. Shake your arms and hands for 30 seconds. Put a golf club behind your back and hook your arms around the club at the elbow joint and do some easy turning and mock golf swing exercises. This is a good way to help you limber up. Swing two golf clubs for a while. Now use 1 club, put your feet together and swing normally for a few minutes. You are basically warmed up and the muscles are stretched, too. Try to do this every time you go golfing and you will get more enjoyment from your game and less aches later on!    Buy Golf Clubs for Women and Men     'Golf Stretches and Exercises' Questions?


10. Fundamentals of Golf Swings  

Here's an easy approach for learning how to swing the golf club. The swing is broken down into six parts: the golf setup position and posture; golf club alignment; the take-away; the back swing; impact; and follow-through.  6 Steps of the Swing          Golfing Equipment Online        'Fundamentals of Golf Swings'


11. Professional Golf Club Fitting  

The first thing the pro will do is have you warm up for a few minutes with your own golf club. Take several practice golf swings and hit a few golf balls until you feel comfortable and loose. Swing like you normally swing, don't worry if it doesn't look good, that is not important right now.

The next thing the pro will do is examine your current golf clubs by watching where you hold the club, if you are choking up or reaching, plus the pro will be noticing if the toe of your club is pointing up or down when you set up or swing.

The pro will make a quick determination from your initial set-up and start handing you custom golf clubs that are already adjusted for length and lie. He will watch you ball flight and comfort level to see when you are close to a match. When he thinks you are close, he will put some impact tape on the face and sole of the club and have you hit a few more balls off of an impact board. He will examine the tape to see if during the swing the toe or heel is hitting first and if you are making solid center face contact with the ball. At the same time the pro will have set up the swing speed machine and record your actual swing speed.

Armed with this information, the pro will be able to hand you the proper fitted golf club and you should see marked improvement. 
Professional Golf Clubs for Sale    'Professional Golf Club Fitting' Questions?


12. What adjustments are made during club fitting.  

Club fitting will take into account several characteristics of the golf club when determining which club setup is for you. The main ones are as follows:

1. Length of club - This is very important on a couple of levels, one is that you want the proper length club so that you feel comfortable with it in your hand. You won't feel the need to choke up on the shaft or feel like you are reaching for the ball. The proper length of club also lets the club maker assemble your club to have the correct flex in the shaft. If you choke up on the club you are in essence moving the kick point which in turn stiffens the shaft. Think of a telephone pole, when the pole is long, it can sway in the wind, cut it shorter and it is extremely stiff.

2. Lie angle of the head - The lie angle of the head is important for accuracy. The lie angle affects the heel and toe of the head. If the club is too flat, the toe will hit first, too upright the heel hits first. You want the middle of the club, below the sweet spot to make contact with the ground first.

3. Flex of the shaft - This is determined by the club speed. Too flexible of a shaft makes accuracy a problem as the club head will not square up, too stiff of a shaft means distance problems as you will lose the power of the shaft in the swing because your speed will not be enough to get it to flex.

4. Loft issues - For some players, loft fitting becomes a factor. If you hit the ball too high, you may be told that you need stronger lofted clubs or low trajectory clubs, if you just don't get the ball up, you may be told that you need higher trajectory clubs. This is more of an advanced kind of fitting as most clubs can't be adjusted this way, they have to be cast or forged strong or weak. Some companies offer lines of clubs this way, usually designated as pro versions for lower trajectory, or ht for higher trajectory.

5. Grip fitting - The size of the grip is important if you have very big hands or very small hands, or arthritis or some other medical reason that needs to be addressed. This is usually determined by your glove size. 
'What adjustments are made during club fitting.' Questions?


13. Golfing Information on Golf Club Shafts  

To get the most from your tee shots, you'll need to use the right golf club. Many players use golf clubs that have shafts too long, costing you accuracy. Also use a golf club with enough loft for your swing. For most average players, a driver with at least 10 degrees of loft is recommended. Check the flex of your clubs as well. Golf club shafts that are too stiff will cause you to make compensations in your swing, leading to inconsistent shots. Finally, if you feel golfing equipment is holding you back, make an appointment to be fitted by a professional. This will save you time and money when shopping for new golf clubs.  Golf Clubs for Women and Men     'Golfing Information on Golf Club Shafts' Questions?


14. "The Good and the Bad" Game for 4 Players  

This is a great golf game for 4 players as it keeps everyone involved in each hole plus offers more avenues for betting or scoring.

Divide your foursome into two teams of equal skill using golf handicaps or giving strokes if necessary.

Team A and Team B.
Each hole in the round is worth a total of 2 points, one point for the "Good" and one point for the "Bad". Each player plays their own golf ball and keeps their score for the hole. At the end of the hole, the best score from team A is put against the best score for team B. The same is done for the other players, the worse score from team A is paired against the worst score from team B. The winning team of the best scores gets a point and the winning team of the worse scores get a point. Ties are carried over. For example if the two best scores are tied, the points for the "Good" on the next hole are now worth two.

Examples of how points are given:
Team A: One player shoots a 4, other shoots a 6
Team B: One player shoots a 5, the other shoots a 7
In this case Team A wins the Good and the Bad -
the 4 beats the 5 and the 6 beats the 7.

Team A: One shoots a 4 the other shoots a 6
Team B: One shoots a 5 the other shoots a 5
Team A wins the Good - 4 beats a 5, Team B wins the Bad - 5 beats a 6

Team A: One shoots a 4 the other shoots a 5
Team B: One shoots a 4 the other shoots a 4
Since Team A and B each shot a 4 as the best score, the "Good" point is carried over to the next whole, team B wins the "Bad" 4 beats a 5.

Golfing Equipment for AllYourNeeds     "The Good and the Bad" Game for 4 Players'Questions?