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Golf Jobs Canada was created in 1999 from the vision of Brian Lasby.  Brian wanted to combine his years of experience in Employment Services in Canada and his love of Sports into a job site that followed what he coined as The 3 E's; The site had to be: Excellent, Effective, and Economical .

Excellent: customer service and business practices must always be of the highest standards

Effective: the site must do EVERYTHING possible to bring Golf Job Seekers and Golf Employers together

the site must offer a level of service superior to its competitors but at the BEST prices in Canada.

Through hard work, a targeted marketing plan, a wide network of associates, and a great team, the number of postings increased, the best courses in the country used the site, and the traffic grew to now make Golf Jobs Canada the number 1 site of its kind in Canada. 

Our goal is really very simple. We want to continue to be the best at what we do so you will think of Golf Jobs Canada first whenever you are looking for a Golf job or a Golf employee in Canada.

Thank you very much for visiting Golf Jobs Canada. Our team looks forward to serving you today.